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Unify Pictures is a husband and wife team of wedding photographers based in South West London.

The perfect wedding album is made up of three parts:


In preparation, we photograph a couple before their wedding. It is an opportunity to create beautiful imagery to be used on the day. These shoots are commonly known as engagement shoots. They tend to be informal, relaxed occasions – where the couple can forget about all of their wedding arrangements and simply enjoy each other.


Most wedding album pictures are made during the wedding day. This is the day that beautiful memories are made and the pictures should be no less memorable. A wedding day for us begins with the couple getting ready, followed by the ceremony and a shoot with the bride and groom. The day ends with the reception once the bride and groom have left for their honeymoon.


An increasingly popular trend in our wedding photography is a post wedding day photo shoot. Some brides take the opportunity to “trash the dress”, doing things like swimming in the sea fully clothed in her wedding dress. Other brides simply like to have the time to pose in their dress without the pressure of the wedding day.

Our Approach

We use a journalistic approach to capture the majority of a wedding day – getting ready, the ceremony and reception. We try to stay in the background, capturing emotion as it happens naturally. Over the years, our experience as fashion photographers has influenced our wedding photography. We approach engagement sessions, time with the bride and groom and post wedding day shoots in the same way we would approach a high end fashion shoot. We use lighting, composition and natural posing to create beautiful, dramatic, story telling images.

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