After two maternity shoots with Nick and Lana, here and here, it was fantastic to be introduced to one week old Kai.




Sinclair Family

We recently did a second shoot for the Sinclair family. The mild winter we’ve had so far is perfect for outdoor photography.


Winter in Kew

Making the most of the mild start to winter we spent a morning with Geo, Julie and their girls. Geo and Julie are both creative professionals, making it an inspirational way to spend a morning.



Bigger Bump

Awhile back we did a shoot of Nick and Lana – Bump in the Park. A few weeks ago, we did a second shoot with them, this time with a much larger bump. Here are some of the pictures from the shoot:

Oscar & Fern

We recently did a shoot of two happy children – Oscar (5) and Fern (8 months). Here are some of the out takes.

Sienna Inside

We recently did a shoot of Richaard and Joanna in a park. They are expecting a baby girl called Sienna. Here are some of the outtakes:


Bump in the Park

We just finished a maternity shoot for Nick and Lana in our local park and it went brilliantly. Here are some of the images from the shoot. Hope you enjoy…


Bumps and Babies

It is probably just the stage of life Jon and I find ourselves in, but it seems that we are surrounded by babies and pregnant women. The creation of new family members works perfectly in our wedding photography portfolio, so we have decided to add a new portfolio titled bumps & babies. Check out the portfolio section here and expect to see many more new families appearing in this section.

Vintage Vineyard

Some highlights from Amy and Hein’s wedding on a vineyard near Cape Town. A beautiful venue for a beautiful couple.

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Natural vs Posed

Hein and Amy leave their reception, completely oblivious to the camera pointed their direction

Browse through a few wedding photography portfolios and you will notice that there are two distinct styles or approaches to wedding photography. On one end of the scale, there is the photo journalist approach, where the photographer fades into the background, capturing natural moments as they happen. The second approach is the posed approach where pictures are setup by the photographer to re-create the feelings and emotions of the wedding day.

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